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Estate Planning

Trusts, durable powers of attorney, wills, directive to physicians, estate planning, probate

Over the years, we have proudly assisted hundreds of clients, to include other local legal professionals and their families, with their estate planning needs.  Our clients trust us to help them prepare their will and trust documents and to assist them in the proper administration of the estate of a deceased family member or friend. From drafting a will to crafting revocable trusts, we are able to confidentially and professionally handle all of your estate planning needs. For simple estates, our attorneys can assist you in planning for gifts, devises and bequests and then craft a will which will carry out your wishes at a reasonable cost.  For more complicated estates, we are experienced in assisting you with preparation of trusts and pour over wills.    

Many of our clients are concerned about who will take care of their day-to-day needs should they become unable to do so.  For these situations, a durable power of attorney can address this concern and insure that a trusted person will be able to handle business matters should they become impaired. End of life medical care decisions can also be provided for through the drafting of an advanced health care directive. Clients who wish to provide for such contingencies also find it comforting that they can appoint a person to make end-of-life decisions on their behalf, should that need arise.

We have assisted many clients with probate or administration of their trusts upon death.  In addition, we also handle ancillary probates which are probates filed in Oklahoma on behalf of a deceased person that, while they resided outside this state, maintained real estate or mineral interests here. We have served many out-of-state personal representatives and executors who request that we file probates in Oklahoma state courts to settle real property or mineral interests that a probate estate maintains within the State. We are happy to provide state-wide ancillary probate services for estates and have filed ancillary probates in Cleveland, Oklahoma , Caddo, Grady, Beaver and Logan Counties to assist our clients.

If you are in need of personal, confidential, and professional estate planning or probate services, please contact us immediately. We look forward to being of service to you.